Setting up an Expeditor Nomination

Expeditor nominations are intended for companies that are attending an inspection and auditing the process to make sure all protocols are followed as expected. 

If you are an operator and would like to set up an expeditor nomination, please see the steps below;

1. Navigate to the Trips menu and select Nominations

2. Select the icon called "Create Expeditor Nomination"

3. Select "Marine Expeditor"

4. Enter in the trip number for the trip that should be audited. For example, if an inspection nomination has been issued under trip number "123456" then the expeditor trip number should also be "123456" so that the two are coupled together.

NOTE: If you do not know the trip number for the inspection, or the inspection has not yet been scheduled, you may select "TBD" and enter the trip number at a later time

5. Fill in the details required with the asterisk - You will notice that the expeditor form is identical to an inspection form. Once you have completed this, you may save and issue.

6. If you were able to add a trip number in step 4, you (the operator) should now see two nominations. One Inspection nomination and one Expeditor nomination:

other'sNOTE: Neither the inspection company nor the expeditor company are able to see each others information. They are only able to see their own.

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