No Hub Office or Hub Coordinator Available for Selection on a Nomination

If you are a user on the cargo owner side and are preparing to issue an inspection nomination, one of the key details on the "Nominate Inspector" form is for a Hub Office and a Hub Coordinator to be available. 

Should you find that the selection is blank on the Hub Office or Hub Coordinator form, please get in touch with the inspection company system administrator as they are responsible for maintaining their company directory. 

If you are unsure whom to reach out to, please contact and we would be happy to assist. 

Further instructions on nominating an inspection company can be found here: Selecting Inspection Company, Hub Office, and Hub Coordinator

If you are a user on the inspection company side and a cargo owner has let you know that there is no Hub Office or Hub Coordinator set up, please reach out to your system administrator team so that they can ensure this is set up. 

Here is a link for instructions: Adding a Hub Office or a Hub Coordinator

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