Setting up a Multi-Compartment Parcel for Quality Testing

In the case that there are multiple compartments that need quality testing performed, we suggest using the "sets" feature on the nomination. Sets will allow you to add specific tests for each available compartment.

For example, you could have a 3-compartment vessel and each compartment requires different tests to be performed.

Or, in the same 3-compartment vessel example, perhaps each parcel requires the same quality tests. 

Either is possible and will show up on the inspection worksheet as different quality data sets (these will also be reflected into the nomination estimate and when the inspection company has filled in the worksheet data, the invoice reconciliation tool will estimate the approximate expected total).

Multiple Quality Data Sets:

1. On the nomination form, scroll to the quality data section

2. Select "Add Set"

3. You will now have an additional set (compartment) to add quality tests (you should see a section called "Set 1" and a section called "Set 2"

Copying a Quality Data Set:

1. On the nomination form, scroll to the quality data section

2. Add the tests and methods that you need into set 1

3. Select "Copy"

4. You will now have two identical test sets. This means that the cost estimation will reflect the new total, this also means that this will be shown on the inspection worksheet for the inspection company to fill in.

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