Notes and Files Related to Voyage

If you wish to add notes or attach documents for the internal audit trail for a voyage, you can do this by creating a manual Loss/Gain Investigation.

To create a manual Loss/Gain Investigation.

1. Navigate to the Trips menu and click on the Inspection Worksheets tab

2. On the Inspection Worksheets page, enter the required Trip number or Nomination number and click Find

3. Click on the Trip number

4. From the Voyages page, click on the Actions menu drop-down and select Create /Loss Gain Investigation to create a manual Loss/Gain Investigation

5. Assign the investigation to yourself and click Save

6. On the Loss/Gain Control page, click on New Document tab

7. Click on Choose File tab to attach the required documents

8. Click on the Notes tab to add notes and click Save

• Only users with the "Cargo Assurance' role can create a Loss/Gain Investigation. 
• Users with the System Administrator and Operator roles can only view the Loss/Gain Investigation. 

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