Create Quality Test

Users have the ability to create Quality Test in Navarik Inspection. These tests can also be added to slates or directly added to nomination parcels.
When creating a test, the system assists you in avoiding duplicate tests. As you enter the test name, existing similar tests appear on the left.

Comparison Criteria:

 Quality Test Name: Identical names indicate a potential duplicate.

 Test Methods: Shared test methods suggest possible overlap.

Duplicate Name Handling:

If a matching name is found, you must choose a unique name before saving.

To Create Quality Tests:

1Navigate to the catalogue menu and select Quality Tests

2. From the Actions menu, select Create
3. Fill in the required fields. Fields that are marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory

a. Choose the Category from the drop-down
b. Enter a Test Name (alternate names can be entered as free text also) 

c. You can choose a test method from the existing test methods or create a new test method by clicking the "Create Method" tab
d. Select the required Units of Measurements
e. Click Save

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