Firstly - What is a snippet? 

A snippet is a pre-generated group of text or email addresses. 

What is it used for?

There are multiple sections on a nomination, and one section on the comm log, that have the snippet feature. The snippet feature was designed for users that use the same instructions or email addresses regularly. Instead of typing these out each time, you can create a snippet and the saved text or email addresses will appear.


1. Select the catalogue drop-down menu and click on "Snippets"

2. On the top left-hand side, select "create"

3.1 Create a name for the snippet so that you can find it on the nomination or timelog

3.2 Decide whether you would like to be the only one to use the snippet or if you allow others to view it/use it

3.3 Enter the email addresses or text blocks

3.4 Decide in how many areas you would like to use the snippet (you can use in as many as you need)

4. In the above screenshot, the section that was selected was "Nomination: Additional Email Addresses" -- after saving, this will now be available to use

5. Type in the first few letters of the snippet name in the box and a selection will appear:

6. Select the snippet name and notice that the email addresses now appear:

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