In most profiles, the user with system administrator permissions will be able to add and amend grades that then appear on the drop-down of a nomination form.  If a grade is missing from the catalogue, please contact your company system administrator.

NOTE: If a grade is not present in the Valero, Citgo, or Total profile, please contact

Here are some instructions on how to create a grade:

1. Navigate to the catalogue drop-down menu and select "Grades"

2. On the left-hand side slect the "Create" icon:

3. All fields on the form with an * asterisk must be filled in before the grade can be saved and used which are "Name", and "Type", and whether the specific cargo is considered sensitive or not

4.1 Select the subcategory under which the new grade should appear. You can distinguish the main category from the sub-category by looking at the placement of the label. The main category label is shifted to the far-left and the sub categories appear underneath it. Please note that grade categories and grade sub categories are not managed by your company, these are added via developer on the Navarik side. If you require a new grade category or sub category, please ask your system administrator to reach out to Navarik Support at

4.2 If you want a more complete oversight, you may select the "Info" button

If the profile you work in has the following three fields, these are in connection to the nomination estimation and cargo shipper invoice reconciliation tools:

Lastly, the Navarik application keeps a record of the changes made to the grade. This is indicated by the versions toggle on the right-hand side. The system will automatically display the most up-to-date version and all previous versions will be listed as "Inactive":

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