Revising Issued Nomination

An operator in Navarik Inspection has the ability to revise an issued nomination (even if it has been accepted) if an update to the movement is necessary. For example, if the nomination was first set to be for 100,000 barrels and later needed to be corrected, this can still be changed. Other fields such as method of transport, location, activity type, etc can also be changed after being issued. 

In this example, we will review how to update the quantity but the same workflow can be applied to other fields:

NOTE: This may not be possible for voyage parcels that originated via webservices (created outside of the Navarik Inspection user interface) 

1. Navigate to the nomination you wish to update

2. Select the wrench icon on the top left-hand side.

3. Enter a Revision Comment

4. Expand the required parcel by clicking the box

5. In the Transport Names Quantity section, edit the volume as you wish 

6. At the bottom of the page, click Save and Issue tab to issue the updated version of the nomination

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