Nomination Cost Estimation

Navarik Inspection offers insight into the total cost of the inspection appointment by generating a list of prices that the operator can compare between all participating inspection companies.

How it Works on a High Level:

1. Quality and quantity prices for all participating inspection companies are added to the Price Book Manager (PBM)- the prices are determined by the inspection company and are sent to the cargo owner company which are then captured on the PBM.

2. When the operator creates the nomination, they select cost-dependent items such as the grade (product), location, quality tests, quantity, etc.

3. Upon selecting the Quick Save action, a list of prices will appear for each inspection company.

4. The operator can now easily compare the costs between inspection company A and inspection company B. If inspection company A charges a total of $2000 for the entire inspection, and inspection company B charges $6000, the operator may choose to select inspection company A as they are much more cost-effective. 

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