Unsuspending an Inspection Company

A cargo owner might need to unsuspend an inspection company in order to approve invoices for the work that had been completed before the suspension went into effect. This action can only be handled by a cargo owner System Administrator. Please see the steps below:

1. Navigate to the "Trips" drop-down menu and select "Nominations"
2. From the nomination page Select the tab "Suspensions - Insp Co"

3. From the Suspensions view-all page click the drop-down tab to "Modify" the inspection company you wish to unsuspend

4. On the Suspension (Insp Co) - Modify view-one page, select the offices you wish to unsuspend, enter an end date, enter a  comment in the "Reason" section and select "Save". Please note that the date will need to be in the future (so that unfinished work can be completed before the suspension goes into effect):

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