Applying a Template to a Voyage Parcel

In order to combine the voyage parcel with a template that exists in Navarik Inspection, please see the below instructions:

Precondition: remember the name of the template you would like to use

1. Select the Trips drop-down menu

2. Select the Voyages page

3. Find the voyage parcel you would like to nominate

4. Click on the checkbox on the left-hand side and follow it by selecting the Actions drop-down menu and "Create Inspection Nomination"

5. Select the Actions drop-down and select "Replicate Nomination Data"

6. Search for the template name and click "Next"

7. Select the applicable fields you would like to apply and select "Replicate"

At this point, your nomination will be filled in with the information from the template.


Operator names auto-populate in the "Replicate Nomination Data" pop-up, which means operators will only be able to view and select templates created by them.

If you wish to select temples created by other operators, please remove your name from the Operator field, and your search will show temples shared by all operators.

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