Revising an Issued Nomination to Nominate a Different Inspection Company

An operator in Navarik Inspection has the ability to revise an issued nomination to appoint a different inspection company if necessary.

For example, if Inspection Company (A) was nominated for a nomination, this can be changed even if the nomination has already been accepted, and Inspection Company (B) can be nominated instead (as long as no inspection results are present on the worksheet). 

Expected Behavior:

1. As soon as an operator revises the nomination and nominates another inspection company, this will trigger a second version.

2. An automated email notification for "NOTICE OF NEW INSPECTION NOMINATION" will be sent to the newly appointed inspection company (B)
3. An automated email notification for cancellation "NOTICE OF RESCINDED INSPECTION NOMINATION" will be sent to inspection company (A) that was initially nominated

4. The revision changes can be tracked from the Comm Log 

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