Nominating Different Inspection Companies for Quality and Quantity

If you have one movement where you would like to nominate Inspection Company A for the quality, and Inspection Company B for the quantity, please see the instructions below:

1. Navigate to the Trips drop-down menu and select "Nominations"

2. Click on the "Create" icon on the top left-hand side

3. Select the type of nomination you wish to create (in this example, we are selecting Marine)

4. Fill in the nomination details for Inspection Company A

5. When you arrive at the below selection, select "No" for quantity:

6. Add another parcel by using the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side and selecting "Add New Parcel" (this will add a brand new blank parcel to your nomination)

6a. Alternatively, you can see instructions for Copy a Parcel or Replicate Parcel Details

7. On your new parcel, fill in the details for Inspection Company B and select "No" for quality 

8. Once all of the nomination details for both inspection companies have been completed and are ready to send, select "Save and Issue" at the bottom of the nomination screen:

At this point, both of the inspection companies have received a notice of their new nomination.

End result: You should now have two parcels (one for each inspection company) that share the same nomination number, the same voyage number, and the same trip number

Note: Inspection Company A and Inspection Company B cannot see any of each other's information

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