Create a Counterparty (Contact Company)

Firstly, what is a counterparty?

A counterparty is one that appears on a nomination form in the "Inspection Invoice Instructions" section when the operator wishes to split the inspection cost between their own company, and another company. The other company is referred to as a "Counterparty" or "Contact Company". 

If you are an operator and you need a counterparty added (the company is not shown in the smart search on the nomination form), please contact your company system administrator and ask to have it added.

Instructions for the system administrator:

1. Navigate to the catalogue drop-down menu and select "Company/People Directory" 

2. On the top left-hand side of the page, select "Create"

3. Fill in the details on the form that are required with an asterisk

4. Select "Save"

5. The counterparty will be saved as "Contact Company"

At this point, the selection will appear on the nomination form in the "Inspection Invoice Instructions" section:

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