Selecting Inspection Company, Hub Office, and Hub Coordinator

A nomination is equipped with available inspection companies to hire to inspect the cargo. The inspection company selection is present within the parcel details of a nomination (the below image depicts the view of an operator on the cargo owner side preparing the nomination). 

What is a Hub office, and why is it important?

A Hub Office will contain at least one Hub Coordinator. When the cargo owner creates a nomination, they will select a Hub Office and a Hub Coordinator. If an office is not listed as a "Hub Office", the option to add the "Hub Coordinator" role to a user will be unavailable.


A Hub Coordinator is a person who is part of a Hub Office. When a nomination is issued to a Hub Office, a Hub Coordinator at that office will receive the nomination, accept it, and assign it to the correct local office that will then perform the work.


1. To assign an Inspection company, enter the name of the inspection company in the smart search field
2. Select a Hub Office from the drop-down list
3. Select a Hub Coordinator from the drop-down list.


1. If an inspection company is not present on the drop-down list, please contact so they can be added and nominated

2. If the hub coordinator or hub office fields do not yield any selections, please contact the inspection company as they are responsible for maintaining this information. Without a hub coordinator or hub office, that inspection company cannot be nominated.

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