Update Cost Allocations and Splits on a Nomination

Are you an operator? Has the inspection company come to you regarding being unable to link multiple worksheets to one invoice? You've come to the right place.

Firstly, the three main points for inspection worksheets to be linked to one invoice are the following:

1. The worksheets must belong to the same nomination number 

2. The worksheets must all belong to the same inspection company

3. The cost allocation and splits must be identical between the parcels

If 1 and 2 are true, and 3 is the item you wish to change, please see below:

1. Click on the nomination you wish to revise

2. Select the wrench icon on the top left-hand side

3. Expand the parcel and navigate to the cost allocation section

4. Ensure the cost allocation displayed there, is the same on the other parcels

5. Enter a revision comment and save and issue the nomination

NOTE: If your customer profile logs cost allocation and splits on a quality test level, please be sure to review each quality test as well to make sure this information is the same amongst all parcels within the nomination. 

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