To simplify the process of adding a new parcel and entering the information manually, an operator may decide to copy an existing parcel. Please note that the outcome of the instructions listed below will be for another parcel to be added to the nomination. 

1. Navigate to the nomination and select the wrench icon:

2. Select the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side of the parcel you wish to copy and select "copy"

3. At this point, you will have an identical copy of the first parcel:

Please note that you now have two identical parcels. In most cases, some information such as the inspection company, parcel activity, location, etc. may be changed so be sure to review it before you issue your changes.

NOTE: If this was an existing nomination that you modified, please enter a revision comment before you save an issue. If this was a new nomination, please proceed to save and issue the nomination.

If you wish to copy an entire nomination, please see the instructions here: Copy a Nomination

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