Create a Nomination from a Voyage Parcel

If you need to issue a voyage parcel as a live nomination, please see the below instructions:

1. Navigate to the trips drop-down menu

2. Select "Voyages"

3. Search for the voyage parcel(s) by filling in one or more of the search criteria

4. Click on the voyage ID

5. Click on the checkbox on the left-hand side followed by "Actions" drop-down menu --> "Create Inspection Nomination"

6. Fill in the required information and "Save and Issue" -- ALTERNATIVELY carry on to step 7 --

7. If you have a template or another inspection nomination that you would like to copy information from, please follow the next steps

8. Select the Actions menu and click "Replicate Nomination Data"

9. Search for nomination data via a trip number, template, operator, etc. and click "find"

10. Select the appropriate nomination and select "Next"

11. Select the information you would like to copy and choose which parcel you would like to apply it to and select "Replicate"

Your nomination should now be filled in with the applicable fields

NOTE: The user will need specific system permissions (in most cases, Operator permissions) 

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