Moving Parcels to a Different Voyage

The below instructions are for parcels that need to move from one voyage to a new voyage (the parcels need to be under a new voyage ID). If you need to move parcels to an existing voyage, follow steps 4-7. 

1 Navigate to the "Trips" drop-down menu and select "Voyages"

2. Select "Create" via the icon on the top left or the "Actions" drop-down menu

3. No need to fill in any information, just select the "Save" icon

4. Once the new voyage has been created, select the "Actions" drop-down menu --> "Add Parcels to Voyage"

5. On the pop-up box, enter the trip numbers that you would like to pull into the new voyage and click "Find"

6. Select the check box to the left of the trip number and click "Move Parcels"

7. Your parcels should now have moved from one voyage to the new voyage (they will no longer show on the original voyage)

8. If you need, you can delete the original blank parcel you created by selecting the wrench icon on the top left:

9. Select the "-" sign next to the parcel

10. Save the changes

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