Nomination Template Order

What determines how nomination templates are sorted/displayed and how do I change it?

1. Firstly, nomination templates can be found in three places:

  • Nominations Template page (Catalogue Data)
  • When creating a nomination
  • When replicating a nomination

 2. Nomination templates are sorted the following way:

  • If the Template does note have an ETA date, it is sorted by the date it was created from oldest to newest
  • If the Template does have an ETA date, it is sorted by the ETA date from newest date to oldest date

3. Nomination templates can be marked as "favorites" so that they will be the first ones to appear as a suggested template when creating a nomination or when replicating nomination data. Please see below screenshots:

3.1 Create nomination view (Arthur)

3.2 Replicate nomination view (pop-up)

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