I Cannot Modify an Email Address

Since integrating with Navarik ID in 2020 and users began logging in using their email address instead of a username, some related items have therefore changed such as modifying an email address once the user account has been created. If you find that the email address field on a user account is greyed-out and cannot be modified, this is now expected system behavior. 

If an account has been created with a typo or if an incorrect email address has been used, please deactivate this account and create a new one (system administrator).

If you are a system administrator, please follow the steps in Create a User Account in Navarik Inspection - Non-Federated Profile or Create a User Account in Navarik Inspection - Federated Profile

If you are not a system administrator but need to change your email address, please get in touch with a system administrator at your company and let them know you will need a new account and provide the new email address. If you are unsure whom to contact, Navarik Support would be happy to connect you with the correct team.

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