I Did Not Receive a Password Reset Email

If you have reset your password, or a system administrator has reset your password, and you did not receive a password reset email please see the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Double check that the email address you are sending the reset to is the correct email address associated to the account
  2. Ensure it's not in your mail client's spam filtering/ holding area/ Junk Email area. 
  3. Ask your system administrator if they have applied user roles to your account. If there are no user roles, the password reset will not send an email.
  4. Ensure it's not in your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) or corporate mail provider's spam filtering/ holding area. You will likely have to contact your ISP or IT department for this.
  5. Note carefully the date and time or the reset - within five (5) minutes at least, is crucial to be able to find log entried. Perhaps try and ensure that the platform sends you another sort of email near the same time, to help your ISP/IT team find logs (or ensure someone else on your end receives an email from Navarik around the same time).
  6. Get as much logging as you can from your IT department or ISP - edge server logs showing the delivery in step 4, and encompassing the timestamp


If you have an existing Navarik user account that has not logged in since September 2020, or earlier, your user account is likely not part of the Navarik ID tenant. Please contact Navarik Support (support@navaril.com)  to be added to the tenant and to begin receiving password reset emails.


Q. My ISP or IT department rejected my request, saying it's much more likely the problem is on Navarik's end, and we need logs from Navarik before we progress.

A. Please escalate this ticket within your ISP, and if they won't, report this to Navarik support. Navarik staff and your ISP / IT department will discuss the issue. Navarik OPS staff will be happy to discuss the situation with an ISP or IT department.

Q. What if my whole department cannot receieve password reset emails? Doesn't that make it more likely that it's on the Navarik side ?

A. Should this be the case, it makes it more likely that it's a change your ISP or IT Dept. has made. You're receiving other emails from Navarik, and Navarik doesn't treat password reset emails differently than any other in any way.

Q. I'm not receiving any emails at all from Navarik platform. Nomination revisions and other email notifications are also not being received.

A. Please report this to Navarik support as soon as possible and include as much detail as possible as to when this stopped working.

Q. My ISP or IT Dept. says there's something about the Navarik platform password reset emails that means they need to be blocked, what do I do now?

A. Please get as much detail as possible from them, and report this to Navarik support as soon as possible

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