New Web Service Accounts

Most user accounts are created and managed by the system administrator of your company (see this article for regular user account requests). If the request is to receive a web service account, regardless of which environment, the request must receive written consent from a system administrator at your company and Navarik Support will create it. 

Not sure how to find a system administrator for your company? No problem! Please email and we can assist with that. 

When requesting a web service account, please see the below guide:

1. Email with the following information:

first name

last name

unique email address (has not been used for a different account)


2. Make sure the above email includes your company system administrator

3. The system administrator should respond to the thread with written consent

4. Navarik Support will proceed with the request

The reason the contact information must be included is in the case that we need to reach out to the user account holder. If the account is named "System Tester" with the email address "" it becomes very difficult to get in touch with the user account owner and the account may be deactivated.

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