Worksheets Awaiting Invoice

As a cargo owner if you are looking to find a list of completed inspection worksheets that have not yet been invoiced (all the requirements have been fulfilled by the inspection company quality, quantity, and time log where applicable), please see the below instructions:

1. On the Trips drop-down menu, select "Inspection Worksheets"

2. Fill in the desired search criteria and select the "Awaiting Invoice" checkbox >> Find

3. If you wish to download it to Excel, you can select the green icon on the top left-hand side:

Please note, that the Navarik Inspection system will return only parcels that have completed all the steps and can now be invoiced when the above checkbox is selected. It's possible that in some instances there is a multi-parcel movement and one invoice is supposed to be reflective of all parcels. This would be considered an incorrect workflow as each parcel should have one corresponding invoice unless the worksheets are correctly linked for one invoice -- this can only take place if the operator has set up the nomination where the inspection company and the cost allocation and splits are identical between the parcels. 

For more information on linking worksheets, please see: Linking Worksheets to One Invoice

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