Unlocking an All Submitted Worksheet

In order for the Inspection Company to make amendments to their "All Submitted" Inspection Worksheet, a request for a retest must be made by the cargo owner. Please see the instructions below:

1. Navigate to the trip and select the Inspection Worksheet
2. On the top left-hand corner find the icon that reads "Retest" or select the "Request Retest" option from the "ACTIONS" drop-down menu


3. Select the section of the Worksheet that should be reopened

4. Select a reason and add a comment at the top of  the page and click "Request Retest"
At this point, the Inspection Company will be able to make the necessary changes and resubmit their work.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the "Request for Retest" Action can only be completed by user accounts with either "Operator" or "Scheduling Manager" roles.

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