Actuals Submit Dates Report

What is the Actuals Submit Dates Report?

This is a report that compares the Bill of Lading (for Load worksheets) or the Outturn Dates (for Discharge worksheets) with the Actuals Submit Dates. This illustrates how long after the job the results were entered into Navarik Inspection.

How does it work?

Once the inspection company submits their inspection worksheet where the Bill of Lading (BOL) or Outturn Dates (OD) are mandatory, this information is recorded in the Actuals Submit Dates Report and will be used in the calculation against that particular trip. 

A user may generate the report and filter by the following:

  • Business Groups
  • Nominated Parties
  • Activity Date Range
  • Last Actuals Submit Date Range

Trip numbers which act as links are displayed in the search result and will bring the user to the particular nomination for further viewing. The two columns labeled as "original nomination issued date" and "nomination issued date" will highlight entries where nominations were issued after the activity date and the "original submission time, hours" and "last submission times, hours" will show how many hours it took for the inspection company to submit their results. All of the information returned by this report can also be downloaded into an Excel sheet for further data manipulation. 

NOTE: The BOL and Outturn dates take on the time of 00:00 which has the potential to add at least one hour and up to twenty-four hours onto the submission time.

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