Create Invoice

Once all the required components of the inspection have been submitted, an invoice can be created. Users with the following roles have the ability to create invoices in most cargo profiles:

Inspector/Expeditor System Administrator, Hub Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, Local Coordinator, and Inspector
Please note that in some cargo profiles, users may require a combination of roles.

To create an invoice, follow the steps outlined below:

1. From the voyage details view-all page, click the link for the "All Submitted" worksheet

2. From the Nomination Details section of the inspection worksheet, click the icon.

3. Fill out all the mandatory fields with a Red *

4. Enter line items for each charge related to the inspection.

5. Select the currency type, click calculate, enter a valid bank account, and enter payment terms (make sure the currency you select matches the currency shown on the bank details.)

6. Click Quick Save to upload attachments 

7. Click New Document and select a file. Choose a category and click Upload (most customer profiles will require a the category "accounting document")

8. To submit the invoice, click Save and Issue

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