Unused Port Calls

In some instances, port calls may be determined as unusable for the VEF calculation (this could be due to an active tank for example). 

If you work on the cargo owner side, you will be able to unhide the unusable port calls listed against that vessel by selecting "show unused port calls":

If you work on the inspection side, you will not be able to view the unused port calls. If you filled in an inspection worksheet against the vessel and would like to confirm that the entry is reflected (even if it is unused), please contact support@navarik.com.

NOTE: The Navarik VEF calculation is fully automated and manual changes to the vessel history are not possible. If amendments need to be made, the cargo owner company should unlock the inspection worksheet so that the inspection company can make the required adjustments. These will then automatically flow into the VEF system against that vessel. Please see:Unlocking an All Submitted Worksheet

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