Offset Rounding Rules

At times, there will be a slight difference of 0.01-0.02 cents between the invoice total and the invoice PDF that the inspection company has submitted.

Navarik Inspection has a feature that will allow the "Amount Before Tax" to be adjusted by 0.01 cent per line item and 0.01 cent in the "Tax Amount" field. In the below example, there were three line items. Originally, the "TOTAL" was $540.00, because there were three line items, the "Amount Before Tax" could be adjusted by 0.03 cents and the "Tax Amount" field could also be adjusted by 0.03 cents which made the new total $540.06:


After Adjustment:


1. For clarification, in the scenario of having three line items, the "Amount Before Tax" and the "Tax Amount" can each be adjusted by a maximum of 0.03 cents (splitting it up 0.04 cents and 0.02 cents for example would not be possible).

2. The "Tax Amount" can be adjusted even if there is no tax on the line items

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