Adding a Hub Office or a Hub Coordinator

Inspection company users with the system administrator role are responsible for managing the company and people directory for your company. For instructions, please see below:

Adding a new Office:

1. Navigate to the Catalogue (or Master Data) menu on the top right-hand side of the page

2. Select "Company/People Directory"

3. Select the inspection company

4. Select "Add Office"

5. Fill in the details required with an asterisk

6. Select the Region/ Hub (click here if you do not yet have a Hub set up)

7. Make sure that the "Hub Office" box is checked off

8. Select "Save"

At this point, your new office should have a symbol next to it indicating that it is a Hub Office:


What is a Hub Office and why is it important?

A Hub Office will contain at least one Hub Coordinator. When the cargo owner is creating a nomination, they will select a Hub Office and a Hub Coordinator. If an office is not listed as a "Hub Office", the option to add the "Hub Coordinator" role to a user will be unavailable. 

A Hub Coordinator is a person that is part of a Hub Office. When a nomination is issued to a Hub Office, a Hub Coordinator at that office will receive the nomination, accept it and assign it to the correct local office that will then perform the work. 

Adding a Hub Coordinator:

1. Select the office to which you would like to add a new user

2. Select "Add Person"

3. Fill in the details required with an asterisk and select "Save" (make sure all of the contact details such as phone number and address are included so that their co-workers can get in touch with them in an event that they need to)

* Note * at this point, you have created a "person" account which serves as a phone book entry. This person will not be able to log into the system just yet.

4. Select "Create User"

5. Add the necessary user roles and ensure to select "Hub Coordinator" *NOTE: the Hub Coordinator role will only be available for people belonging to a Hub Office

6. Select "Save"

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