Changing the Email Address on the Hub Office

When an operator is nominating your inspection company, they have three mandatory fields to fill in which are:

  • Inspection Company
  • Hub Office
  • Hub Coordinator

Each Hub Office and each Hub Coordinator have an assigned email address. the Hub Coordinator needs this email address in order to sign in and access the system, but also to receive notices of new nominations. The Hub Office has its own email address so when a nomination is assigned to that Hub Office, it will get a notice. 

If the email address on the Hub Office needs to be adjusted, this can be done by the inspection company system administrator and will take effect immediately. 

1. Select the Catalogue drop-down menu and click "Company/People Directory"

2. Search for your inspection company and click on it to open

3. Select the Hub Office you wish to modify, and then select the wrench icon:

4. Adjust the email address and select "Save"

At this point, the new email address will receive all new nominations that are sent to that Hub Office

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