Create New Inspection Company Office

As a user with Inspection/Expeditor System Administrator permissions, you are able to create a new office for your company as you see fit. Please note that any offices that are created will appear on every cargo owner's profile. 

1. Select the "Catalogue" drop-down menu (in some cases, "Master Data")

2. Select "Company/People Directory"

3. Select your company

4. Click on "Add Office"

5. Fill in the details for the office (please fill in as much information as possible, even if the field is not marked with an asterisk *, as this will help your customer get in touch with you if needed)

You can add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and websites by clicking "Add Phone", "Add Email", and "Add Office":

If there are multiples of each, the preferred one can be marked with a checkmark to the right.

By default, an office will be a Local Office. If you need this office to be a Hub Office (one that receives nominations and accepts them and then sends them to a Local Office to perform the work), please select the "Hub Office" checkbox:

Once everything has been filled in, select "Save".

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