Each end-user will have a set of defined permissions related to their user role(s) assigned to the end-user to perform their job in Navarik Inspection (“system”, “application”).

Note the description provided for each user role is based on Navarik’s general understanding of the permissions corresponding to the role and may differ from Customer business process. As a result, end-users may be assigned multiple user roles to cover different job responsibilities.

User Role


System Administrator (Superuser)

System Administrator users are responsible of maintaining all Customer specific information (“Customer catalogue data”) including Office, Region, Business groups, etc. These user types also manage their user account access to the application. Navarik Support is not authorized to make any amendments to these areas of Navarik Inspection.

System Administrator users typically have a deep understanding of Customer business operations and knowledge of Navarik Inspection. Therefore, they are also the first line of support within Customer to verify issues in the application, prior to reporting them to Navarik Support. 

Scheduling Manager

Scheduling Manager users have the same permissions to that of an Operator. This user type is to help identify a lead or manager within Customer operations floor. 

Please Note: Users with the Scheduling Manager role will not appear on the Operator drop-down menu of the nomination unless it is in combination with the Operator user role. 

Operator (Scheduler)

Operator users are responsible for issuing and managing the lifecycle of nominations, up to and may include reviewing inspector submitted invoices. These user types will receive and review inspection results for quantity, quality, and/or time log. Requesting for Inspection Result Retest is available to these user types, as required.

Invoice Approver

Invoice Approver users are responsible for reviewing inspector submitted invoices to ensure the items charged to Customer and the billing department information, etc. are accurately reflected. These user types Approves submitted invoices for payment or Disputes submitted invoices, if necessary.

Due to the limited set of permissions for this role, it will rarely exist on its own, but in addition to other roles.

Financial Operator

Financial Operator users can manage inspection company bank account details and review inspector submitted invoices.

The main responsibilities for these user types include batching Approved invoices, submitting their batched invoices for payment, and marking these invoices as Paid.

Batching in Navarik Inspection refers to grouping Approved invoices that share a specific set of information that allow for “bulk” invoice payment. This is the final stage in a nomination’s lifecycle.

Cargo Assurance

Cargo Assurance users are responsible for investigating potential “problem” nominations identified within Navarik Inspection. These user types are responsible for managing Loss/Gain Investigations and manually creating an investigation, where necessary. In addition to Navarik’s Loss/Gain Control, these users also typically work closely in our “Match Parcels” and “Voyage Reconciliation” components within the application.

Read Only

Read Only users can access and view all Customer data in Navarik Inspection with the permission to download information for analysis. These user types are not permitted to create, modify, or delete any data.


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