Move Users to a Different Office

Please note that one user can be a part of one office (user accounts cannot be part of multiple offices). If you need to access multiple offices, please see: Can I be a Part of Multiple Offices with One Email Address?

If you simply need to be moved from one office to another office, a system administrator at your company can assist:

1. Select the Catalogue drop-down menu

2. Select "Company/People Directory" 

3. Open your company

4. Select the office that the user belongs to

5. Select the user

(Alternate method if you know the name of the user -- if not, proceed to step 6)

1. Select the Catalogue drop-down menu

2. Select "User Accounts"

3. Enter the first name, last name, or email address and select Find

4. Click on the account

5. Click on the name in blue writing on the left-hand side

6. You should now be on the company viewall screen

7. On the bottom of the screen, there will be an option to "Move to Another Office"

8. Once you have selected the blue link, a list of offices will appear

9. Select the office that you would like to move the user to and select "move"

At this point, the user will be part of the office you moved them to. 

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