How to Activate an Inactive User Account When the Actions Button is Not Available

As a reminder, creating a user account is always a two step process:

1. Create a person account

2. Create a user account from that person account

If the person account is inactive, you will have to reactivate it before any changes can be made to the user account.

For older user accounts that have been Inactive for along period of time (i.e. older than 5 years) the Actions button in the users' s View Details windows might not be available and therefore they cannot be activated from that window. 

In order to activate Inactive user accounts where the Actions button is not available, follow the steps below:

    1. From the User Account window > Click on the user's name link to access the "View Person" view

    2. From the View Details window> Click on the "Click for Operations" button (the button with a blue drop down arrow pointing down to the right of the user's name)

    3. Select Activate
    4. Once the account is Active, you will notice that the Actions button is available again in the User Account View Details              window. From there you can perform the usual actions such as Modify, Activate and Reset Password for that account

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