Setting up Loss Control Email Notifications

As a system administrator of a cargo owner company, you are able to set up email notifications on a business group level so that if a threshold is triggered, an email will be sent to the respective address(s).

1. Navigate to the Catalogue menu drop-down and select "Company/People Directory"

2. Select your company

3. On the right-hand side of the page, there will be an icon for "View Regions"

4. On this page, you are shown a breakdown of Regions, Business Groups, and Desks. Select the Region of your choice:

5. In this example, there is one Business Group for the Region - you can modify the Business Group settings by selecting the wrench icon:

6. Add the email address(s) for "Notice of Loss/Gain Emails" and Save (NOTE: if you need to add more than one email address, make sure to separate them with a semi-colon)

6. At this point, any movements that trigger a loss threshold for that business group will be notified. 

NOTE: You are able to check this on the Comm Log of a movement

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