Match Parcels Instructions


1. There must be more than one Quantity Submitted worksheet. The system expects the ending parcel to be a discharge or a ship-to-ship parcel

2. The parcels that should be matched together must have the same grade of product (each box with the same colored outline represents the same grade)

3. The predecessor and successor parcels must share a common transport

4. Parcels must belong to the same voyage

5. The parcels must be Marine parcels

6. The successor parcel has an activity date (i.e. BL or Outturn date) that is the same or after the predecessor parcel.

Things to keep an eye out for:

1. When determining the timeline of the movement, take the Activity Date into consideration

2. When looking to match parcels up, also keep ROB in mind. This would make sense for one vessel that discharges multiple times until all the cargo has been offloaded.

3. Mother/daughter vessels (marked with a blue dot when applicable) are important for the system to recognize lightering operations. This is part of the original setup of a nomination.


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