Email Invoice Function

If you would like to touch base on a specific invoice with an inspector or internally on the cargo-owner side, you can send the invoice email to the respective party through the Navarik Inspection system.

1. Navigate to the invoice and open it

2. On the top of the screen on the left-hand side, there will be an email invoice icon:

3. A pop-up will appear 

4. Select a name from the drop-down menu and click "Add" and/or manually enter the email address in the field below (seperate email addresses with a semi-colon)

Manual Entry:

NOTE: The list of people on the "Email To" drop-down list are users with the "Invoice Approver" permission. 

5. Once the necessary recipients have been added, select "Send"

6. If you would like to make sure that the email was sent, please see the Comm Log (navigate to the nomination view to access the comm log):

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