Linking Worksheets to One Invoice

Creating an invoice that consists of multiple inspection worksheets is possible in Navarik Inspection if the following requirements are met:

1. The worksheets must be a part of the same nomination number
2. The worksheets must be assigned to the same inspection company
3. The worksheets need to be in "All Submitted" status 
4. The cost allocation and splits need to be identical between the parcels

Inspection Company Instructions:

The system will automatically recognize other worksheets that can be invoiced together. Once the inspection user selects "create invoice" the system will run a search to find any other applicable worksheets and present them in a pop-up modal. The user should check off the box on the left-hand side and select "Create Invoice":

Should the inspector choose to select "Cancel", they have an additional chance to link a worksheet when they get to  the invoice screen:

NOTE: If the option to link an additional invoice is not present, please check that the requirements are met. If they are not, please contact the operator of the nomination to make the necessary adjustments. Please see How do I Find the Operator Contact Information?

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