Creating an Invoice in the Inspection Management System (IMS)


A user with permissions to create an invoice, must first ensure that the following are complete:

1. A Billing Sheet must be submitted

2. A Pricing Sheet must be submitted

3. The Pricing sheet must be marked as Approved (by a user with the correct permissions)

Depending on the Job Type, additional steps (such as submitting a certificate of analysis/quantity) may be required before a billing and pricing sheet can be filled in. 

Below is a high-level diagram that illustrates the lifecycle of the invoicing process:

To summarize:

1. Billing Sheet is submitted

2. Pricing Sheet is submitted

3. Pricing Sheet is approved

4. Invoice is created

5. Invoice is approved

6. Invoice can be consumed by an external invoicing system (such as SAP) and then marked as paid

How to Create an Invoice:

1. Select the "Create Invoice" button on the right-hand side of the pricing sheet

2. Fill in the items that are required with an asterisk and any desired/necessary comments. The items should be the "Invoice Date" and the "Bank Details"

3. Once you have filled in the respective fields of the invoice, you may save it as a draft and issue it at a later time or submit the invoice:

4. Once the invoice has been submitted, it is ready to be approved (if your permissions allow for this) - If this option is not available and it should be, please check with your system administrator. Otherwise, wait for the correct department to approve it:

A pop-up will appear to confirm that the details of the invoice are correct:

At this time, the invoice has been submitted and approved and is ready to be consumed by the external invoicing system.

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