Creating a Pricing Sheet in the Inspection Management System


Please ensure that the Billing Sheet has been submitted. For reference, see the Invoicing Life Cycle here.

Please ensure that you have the correct permissions to submit a Pricing Sheet. If this option is not available for you, please contact your system administrator

Submitting a Pricing Sheet:

1. Navigate to the "Billing" tab and select "Billing Main"

2. Select "Create Pricing Sheet"

3. Fill in the quantities, prices, taxes, and splits for each billable item on the left-hand side. NOTE: all items here are pulled from the submitted Billing Sheet:

4. Select the "Summary"

5. Ensure the Currency is correct and select "Submit for Approval"

NOTE: If this is a consolidated invoice (an invoice that is meant to consist of multiple pricing sheets), select the "Consolidated Invoice" checkbox prior to submitting the pricing sheet:

6. Once the Pricing Sheet has been submitted, it is ready to be approved. If you do not have the option to approve the Pricing Sheet, please reach out to a colleague with the correct permissions or speak with your system administrator:

After the Pricing Sheet has been approved, the job is ready for an invoice. 

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