2.69 Navarik ID Release Notes



Navarik has been working hard to develop a new single sign-on (SSO) solution for our software. As part of this work we have been gradually introducing improvements to the user interface, such as updates to our user login page and our user accounts page. 

We are excited to announce that Navarik is now ready to enable some major changes to support our SSO solution. These changes are outlined below to help prepare users as much as possible for a smooth transition to the new authentication experience. 

Navarik Login URL 

All users who have accessed Navarik within the past few months will have experienced our updated login behaviour across all our applications, redirecting all users to a single url (www.navarik.net/login/login.php) with the Navarik ID branding. As part of the next update, all users will be redirected to login.navarik.com to login. This new url is the home of Navarik ID, the single authentication location for all Navarik products. 

All saved browser bookmarks will continue to work as before, redirecting you to the login page if you are not already authenticated and then taking you to your bookmark once you are. 

Login by Email Address 

Currently each user is provided with a unique username that they use to login, along with their password. To improve the login process and make it easier for our users, after this update all users will be required to use their email address instead of their username(s) to log in to Navarik. 

For those users who have multiple profiles (previously known as usernames) sharing the same email address, our new “profile selector”, described in Navarik User Dashboard and Dropdown Menu (Profile Selector), will allow access to their various profiles after logging in. 

Navarik will send an email reminder to all active users via the email addresses associated to their account. Please ensure email addresses are correct. 

• All active users can expect to receive an email reminder on 14 August 2020. This will notify them of this change which will take effect in in their Production environment on 15 August 2020. 

Moving forward, after the release to Production on the 15 August 2020, Navarik will no longer support login via username except for web services

Navarik Multi-Profile Accounts 

This is applicable to users with multiple Navarik profiles sharing a single email address. 

 An example of such a scenario would be users who previously accessed our applications via multiple usernames (all sharing the same email address) to access different Navarik systems (e.g. Navarik Inspection, Navarik VEF, etc.). 

On successful login, such users will now be presented with a dashboard, along with the option to switch between different profiles they may have access to. The profile selector functionality is available through the new Navarik User Dashboard and Dropdown Menu (Profile Selector) and the Navarik User Account Preferences & Profile Overview Page. 

Navarik User Dashboard and Dropdown Menu (Profile Selector) 

This is applicable to users with multiple Navarik user profiles sharing a single email address.  

If you or your users have multiple profiles sharing an email address, you will now be able to select which user profile you wish to use via the following two (2) available methods: 

1. The user Platform Dashboard has a new section “My Profiles” listing all available profiles: 

2. The new User Dropdown Menu on the top right corner of the screen listing all available profiles: 

Previously, there was a direct link in the navigation (top right menu in the header) which would redirect you to the associated "Person" page.  This hyperlink has been removed, however the page can still be accessed through the Company/Profile directory;  Additionally, a direct link to the "Person" associated to the currently selected profile is also accessible in the revamped "Account Preferences & Profiles Overview" page. 

Navarik User Account Preferences & Profile Overview Page

This is applicable to users with multiple Navarik user profiles sharing a single email address. 

Recently Navarik introduced some cosmetic changes to the design of our user account page. We are now adding the ability to view all associated user profiles and switch to a different profile (if applicable). 

Web Services

Navarik has not made any changes to the login or authentication process for web service accounts. These will continue to function with no changes in behaviour in the upcoming release, so you do not need to update or change your web service integrations.

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