What is Navarik Bridge?

Navarik Bridge is a new service that enables organizations to exchange data securely. Its primary use is to help inspection companies submit data to Navarik Inspection clients. This is already implemented for TIC Systems IMS (Inspection Management System), allowing push and pull of data into (i.e. submission of worksheets & invoices) and out of NI (auto job detail population for IMS).

This may sound familiar as this is the purpose and definition of the webservice. The difference between the Bridge and connecting multiple systems via SOAP, for example, is that the Bridge has a fully developed interface and the ability for centralized catalogue management between the two. The Bridge user role is a single-permission role that allows the user to access the Navarik Bridge and related features within (IMS/NI). It is not a full role, in that a user cannot only have the Bridge User role - it must be combined with a regular full user role.

In short, this is one of the larger projects we have been working on, and believe it will continue to significantly improve user experience in areas such as maintaining data integrity and removing the need for double-entry. If you would like more information regarding this feature and what it could mean for your company, we would be happy to discuss it further in the next client meeting.

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