Creating an ICW for VEF Submission

An Inspector Created Worksheet (ICW) must be created by the inspection company in the Valero, Citgo, and Total profiles in order for the quantity data to flow into the VEF system.

How To Submit an Inspector Created Worksheet (ICW)

Note: There does not need to be a nomination issued by Citgo's, Valero, or Total’s operators within Navarik Inspection in order to utilize this functionality. Upon login, you will have the option to submit an Inspector Created Worksheet (ICW). This worksheet will request some basic information about the inspection (i.e., vessel & location) and allow submission of the quantity data. Upon submission, this data is immediately available for NVEF records.

If you require a Navarik Inspection user account or the appropriate access for your existing user account, please contact your organization's system administrator(s) for the proper user permissions. Additionally, Navarik Support ( can be copied on the correspondence for further assistance in helping your organization get set up.

1. Log into your Navarik account, and from the dashboard choose the respective cargo owner profile (alternatively, select the “Switch Systems” drop-down

2. Select “Inspection Worksheet” from the Trips drop-down menu 

3. On the Inspection Worksheet viewall, go to the "Actions” menu and select “Create”

4. Select the Marine template as this is the only type of movement that can be used to calculate a VEF   

There are two parts to the ICW, (A) Configure Worksheet and (B) Enter Results


(A) Configure Worksheet 

1. Fill in the Worksheet Details

2. Please note that the Operator field (NVEF Navarik VEF) is the only option set as default

3. Cargo quantity must be in bbl. Please select bbl

4. Select no for “Are you loading from or discharging to a mother vessel?”

5. For Quantity Inspection Required select (Yes). Time Log and Quality required section select (No). As the objective is to feed the data into the VEF system, only quantity information is needed                                                                                                  6. Click on the “Save and Continue” tab and move to the next part of the worksheet to enter the results


(B) Enter Results

1. Select (Yes) for “Are You Reporting Aggregated Results?”. It is important to select "Yes” as it instructs the system that all reported quantity values are summed together

2. Just like on a regular inspection worksheet, please make sure to submit the supporting inspection document in the attachments section

3. Click Submit Results


This completes the last and final step and the quantities entered on the worksheet are automatically reflected in the VEF system.


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