If a Time Log is set as required on the nomination, the inspector must submit a time log in Navarik Inspection before they are allowed to create an Invoice.

To Submit a Time Log

1. Click View Time Log from the Actions menu on the Worksheet to access the time log for that inspection.

2. Click the wrench icon to open the time log event fields.

3.  Fill in all relevant event times for the inspection. If an event is marked with a * (red asterisk) it has been set as required     by the system owner company.

4. If a necessary event is not displayed in the time log edit form, click the + icon to add a new event to the time log.                 Unnecessary events can be removed by clicking the - icon .

5. Any delays encountered during the inspection can be entered in the Delays section of the time log.


Time Log Statuses

  • Draft: Inspector users can save a time log as draft if they do not yet have all required event times. Once the time log is saved as draft, the system owner company can view draft event times
  • Submitted: Inspector users can submit the time log once all required event times have been entered. Submission is not final, and the time log can be modified and re-submitted as many times as necessary. The operator will be notified of each time log submission.
  • Finalized: Once all event times and delays are final, the inspector can finalize the time log. Once a time log has been finalized, it can only be modified with the permission of a user from the system owner company.

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