Creating a Billing Sheet in the Inspection Management System


Depending on the job type, some areas (such as a certificate of analysis/quantity) may need to be completed before the billing sheet is enabled for editing. 

Please ensure you have the correct permissions to submit a Billing Sheet. If this option is not available to you and it should be, please contact your system administrator. 

Filling in a Billing Sheet:

1. Navigate to the "Billing" drop-down, and select "Billing Main"

2. Select the "Billing" drop-down, and select "Edit Billing Sheet"

3. Enter the items and quantities that you would like to appear on the invoice. The available items are listed on tabs on the left-hand side:

4. Once you have filled in the billing sheet, make sure you thoroughly review the information you are about to submit. The Billing Sheet can only be submitted once

5. Select "Submitt Billing Sheet" on the right-hand side:

6. The system will ask you to confirm that the items listed on the Billing Sheet are the final items. Select "Okay" if you wish to proceed:

At this point, your Billing Sheet will have been filled out and submitted and you are ready to continue to the Pricing Sheet.

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