What is "VOA - Shore Difference %"?

This is one of the loss calculations that Navarik automatically performs to generate a loss investigation (if one is needed). 

VOA = Vessel On Arrival = The field "TCV Before Discharge" from the worksheet.

ROB = Remaining on Board

TCV = Total Calculated Volume

Outturn = Outturn- As a verb - to outturn: to discharge the cargo. As a noun - The outturn: the actual list of cargo discharged from a ship or from a container.

The formula it uses is: 

Outturn TCV  - (TCV before discharge - ROB) = Difference

The difference is then calculated as a percentage of the Outturn TCV:

Difference / Outturn TCV = %

The %age is then compared to a threshold provided by the customer and typically set during system setup. If it exceeds that threshold, then a loss investigation will be raised.

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